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Different types

Generally there are two types of crane booms, lattice and hydraulic. They both experience different types of failures which both require different types of repair procedures designed by a qualified person. Following our repair strategy, our experts will encounter some hold-points where either our QA department or our technician needs to give permission before continuing the repair.

Telescopic boom

Discover our broad range of telescopic booms repair now, and hire the perfect company to meet your requirements!

Crane repair

mobile-crane-repair After the repair has been completed, the CE testing of the crane is still valid, and we give guarantee on the performed repair. Ask us more about these repairs and guarentees.

Lattice boom repair

We are experts in repairing both telescopes and lattice boom made out of high-quality types of steel. Seeing as manufacturers only supply new parts, this can deliver an enormous saving on cost and time.

Mooring ropes

mooring-ropes-rotterdam The best way to figure out what length your halyards, sheets and control lines should be, is to measure the old ropes before you replace them. Want to know what diameter to choose for your mooring lines? The table below shows our guidelines for the diameters of mooring lines. Mooring lines made of polypropylene are weaker and need to be thicker. Mooring ropes of polyester or polyamide can be sligthly thinner. If you have a boat that is significantly heavier than average, make sure to chose a thicker diameter mooring line as well.

Steel wire ropes

Steel wire rope plays an important role in deep-sea towing. As operating conditions and vessel size can vary widely, it is critical to select a suitable wire rope to warrant a safe and efficient passage.

Why use steel wire ropes?

Most cranes come with a recommended type of wire rope to use on the different functional components. Proper application of the wire rope to each crane function is necessary to extract best performance, prevent accident, and avoid damage to the equipment.